How to turn your story into a how-to book

Neon sign saying we are all made of storiex

You’re expert in your field and fantastic at what you do. How to shape it into a how-to book?

Authors often start with their own story.

Storytelling is hardwired into us as humans, it’s innate. We start young, and love the adventure and intrigue of a quest or journey.

Your story shows:

  • Authority
  • Knowledge
  • Insight

If you’re a businessperson, it could be from:

  • Your personal or professional background
  • How you started and scaled your enterprise
  • Successes and failures
  • How you became a leader
  • What led you to where you are today

There’s just one thing to bear in mind: readers choosing a how-to book aren’t signing up for a memoir. (Not unless it genuinely is a look-back over your career!)

They definitely want your story, but they also want practical information, solid guidance and actionable takeaways.

Self-focus is fine – in good measure. Beyond that, pages and pages of life story turn your audience into bystanders.

The key to framing your story in the how-to context is…


How to do this?

  • Tell your story first
  • Establish your authority as author
  • Then give the reader what they need.

Give them your wisdom and experience through personal anecdotes, situations and case studies dotted throughout the text, and use them to support your learning points.

(Caveat: be mindful of legal issues in case studies when mentioning real names, identifiable people and companies – libel and privacy law are a fact!)

You have a unique and valuable perspective to share, so leverage it!

Be the author that readers love to learn from and rave about.

How do you tell your business story? Let me know in the comments!

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