How does green space boost your writing?

Looking up at tree canopy

Did you know that a walk in green space can boost your creativity?

It’s well-known that access to green space is great for wellbeing – especially in cities. The New Scientist reports that studies have found it also supports creative thinking.

The thing is, writing is deep work. It requires huge reserves of concentration and mental effort.

Sometimes we need to top up those reserves – and where better to do it than in beautiful green space?

Editing is hard work too, an analytical process. At some point during our writing we’ll switch from making words to shaping them, and that requires a step away to clear our mind.

Often it can be helpful to take a break between the last full stop of our piece, and going back to assess its form.

One of the best things I ever did to support my professional practice is membership of a botanic garden.

It’s my urban sanctuary and a place I can go whenever I’m mulling over a script critique, deep in developmental work, or simply need to reset between projects.

It always helps.

This is my favourite green space, captured in gorgeous light. A lovely spot to restore and revive.

Sunlight through green trees

What’s your favourite place to escape to when you’re doing deep work?

Let me know in the comments!

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