How to find your voice for impact and reach

Close up of microphone

What’s a key factor in a successful how-to book?


Some of the questions authors ask me the most as an editor are:

Does this read okay?
Have I pitched it right?
Should this be more formal?

Your voice is important. Why?

It’s authentic.
It reflects your personality.
It expresses what you want to say, how you want to say it.

There’s a misconception in non-fiction that what’s on the page has to be stiff or formal. In fact, you can achieve better engagement, get your message across and achieve reach with a more fluid, conversational style.

It doesn’t mean you’re coming across as unprofessional. Instead, approachable – all the more important, if your book’s a lead magnet for your business!

Here’s how to ace it:

Imagine sitting down with someone in your field you want to help.

Think about how you’d speak to them.

Then, start writing.

This also helps with tone: guiding and befriending hits the right pitch.

It makes readers warm to you. And when readers like you, they’re more likely to hear you. Plus they always love a bit of character!

Voice is by far the easiest USP for your book. You might be publishing on a topic that’s well known, but the way you’re writing about it marks you out as different.

Intriguing. Uniquely you.

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