I have published articles on travel, music and media, including for The Rocking Vicar, an online music and media magazine founded by David Hepworth and Mark Ellen (Smash Hits, Mojo, The Word).

The Book Designer

A seasoned blogger, I started posting back in the early 2000s, and now blog regularly on freelance creative life at The Serialist.

I’m a featured blogger at The Carnival of the Indies, a monthly round-up of the best features on self-publishing and indie authorship on the web, curated by Joel Friedlander.

Sample clips

Madness in the Medina: A Week in Marrakech

Food and travel
Karlovacko and Crustaceans (Wanderlust magazine writing competition winner 2014)

It’s never too late: Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen rediscovered
An Amazing Legacy – Lisa Cordaro discusses the acoustic Steve McQueen
The Albert Call
Brian Eno: Lux
Eric Roche

It’s only words

Classic Hubris: Morrissey’s Autobiography

The Day of the Doctor: Dr Who 50th Anniversary
BBC Four: Inspector Montalbano

The Doors: Live at the Bowl ’68

‘Everyone’s a photographer these days, aren’t they?’
Vivian Maier: Lost and Found

Social media
Making a hash of it: which telly and radio tags should you be following?

Ten Great Podcasts for Creatives

Eight top tips for budding writers

Creative life
How to banish creative block
How to ace your productivity and find creative freedom

Show and sell: exhibiting and marketing your work
How to organise your exhibition schedule
Resistance is useless

How to vanquish impostor syndrome
Want new clients? Don’t sell!
The art of networking