Got questions? Hopefully these will respond to any general queries you may have.

If you’d like to know more about my services or would like to ask something else, please do get in touch.

I’m an independent author. Can you help me?
Absolutely! Please note my speciality is non-fiction. I’m always happy to help authors who are intending to self-publish or planning to query publishers and agents.

For more information, contact me.

I’m an author and need someone to review my non-fiction manuscript, possibly a development edit. Can you do this for me?
I’d be happy to help you. I can’t help you find an agent, but I can read your manuscript and advise on elements such as concept, structure, narrative, content and the finer points of editing, as well as what you’ll need to do to get your title through production. I also provide development and structural (substantive) editing.

For more information, contact me.

I’m an academic. Can you help me prepare my paper to submit to a journal, or my book manuscript to a publisher?
No problem. For this I just need to see a draft of your piece, also an idea of your needs for the text.
Please include the following notes:

  • any assistance with standard of English and grammar – e.g. if you have English as a Second Language
  • your required referencing style (e.g. Harvard, Chicago, APA, etc.), and any appropriate styling notes or preferences
  • any other needs – e.g. checking tables, figures, references, publication language (e.g. British or American English).

For more information, contact me.

I’m a student. Can you help me with my coursework or thesis/dissertation?
I’m afraid I don’t take on any content leading to an academic qualification.
To find a proofreader in your subject, do try the CIEP Directory, as there are editors who do take on this kind of work and will be happy to help you.

Find a Proofreader is also a good source of proofreaders for essays and dissertations.

I’m a publisher. How do you do project management?
I generally prefer it that typesetting and print buying are arranged by Production in-house. Wherever possible I also prefer to use your freelancers.

Many publishers have an established roster of freelancers who are already under contract, so it’s far easier to use someone that you have recruited and tested. I can manage them, confident in the knowledge that you’ve pre-approved all the people working on your project.

For more information, contact me.

How do you edit?
I work in Word with Track Changes switched on: this way you can be completely reassured of seeing everything that has been done to the text during the process, and have the opportunity to review and comment on the edit.

Editing can involve just one or a number of passes of the text, depending on the brief and degree of work necessary. I can mark queries by using the comments facility in Word, or for copy-editing, also provide them on a separate sheet if requested.

(If you are a publisher and use a bespoke Word template, just send me your user guide and I’ll be happy to work with it.)

After the first stage edit I usually send you any queries and ask you to respond, returning your comments to be incorporated into the final files.

If you are a publisher or organisation preferring to handle queries with your author(s) direct in-house, you can of course progress the text without sending the file back.

How do you proofread?
I can work in one of three ways: on hardcopy, your own bespoke proofreading system, or PDF. 

If working on PDF, I can use the tools in Acrobat to mark up corrections or apply BSI stamps, according to your needs.

Do you work with clients outside the UK?
Absolutely. I work worldwide, keeping in close contact online via Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and email, and can exchange large files via secure online facilities such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

If you’re based at an organisation, I can use your own secure online file transfer system, if you have one.

What are your fees?
Each project stands on its own and every client has their own individual needs, so I price by project and the kind of work that is involved.

To discuss your project and an estimate, do contact me.

How do you accept payment?
I invoice company clients on a 30 days’ net basis, and am happy to receive settlement usually via BACS.
For private clients I request part or full payment in advance via bank transfer, Wise or PayPal.