Here is a selected list of the publications I’ve worked on.
(Please note that some of my projects are protected by client confidentiality and cannot be cited.)

Trade non-fiction













































Business and professional





































































Wonder Leads coverCover of Leading on Purpose by Nick Leach

Next Level Landlord cover







Cover of Raise: The female founder's guide to securing investment, gold arrow pointing up towards the right-hand corner on a purple background









Career guides









Academic and research










































Art, culture and media









Sociology, social policy, international studies and culture
























Health and psychology
























Business and management









Reports and guidance
The Returns from Arthritis Research
NHS Workforce Health and Wellbeing Review
Bibliometrics as a Tool for Supporting Prospective R&D Decision-making in the Health Sciences
Is there a European Medical Research Area? Observatory on Health Research Systems
Health and Medical Research in Singapore: Observatory on Health Research Systems
Documented Briefing: Health and Medical Research in France
Intellectual Property and Developing Countries: A review of the literature
Security: At what cost? Quantifying people’s trade-offs across liberty, privacy and security
A Historical Reflection on Research Evaluation Studies, Their Recurrent Themes and Challenges

Cost Damping in Travel Demand Models: A report for the UK Department of Transport
Sustaining Key Skills in the UK Military Aircraft Industry: A report for the UK Ministry of Defence
Business Models for eHealth: A report prepared for the European Commission
Funding and performance on clinical guidelines
Low Fertility in Europe: Is there still reason to worry?
Complex trauma research in the UK: A rapid review of the funding landscape
Health Innovation Transfer from North to
The National Institute of Health Research Leadership Programme
Regulatory Cultures and Research Governance
Cyber-security threat characterisation: A rapid comparative analysis
Intermediate Outcomes of Arts Projects: A rapid evidence assessment
Radicalisation in the Digital Era: The use of the internet in 15 cases of terrorism and extremism 
(RAND Europe)

Candles in the Dark: Medical Ethical Issues in Northern Ireland during the Troubles
The Quest for Quality: Refining the NHS reforms

Integration in Action: Four international case studies
Funding and Performance of Healthcare Systems in the Four Countries of the UK Before and After Devolution
Can NHS Hospitals Do More With Less?
Setting Priorities in Health
Use of Patient-level Costing to Increase Efficiency in NHS Trusts
Variations in the Use of Hospital Care at the End of Life
Choosing the Place of Care: The effect of patient choice on treatment location in England, 2003–2011
Focus on Preventable Admissions: Trends in emergency admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions, 2001 to 2013
The Four Health Systems of the United Kingdom: How do they compare?
QualityWatch Annual Statement 2015
 (Nuffield Trust)

A Guide to the Law for School Governors
(Scroll LLP, for Department for Children and Families, UK Government)

Real Choice, Best Care: A directory for people with advancing illness and at the end of life (Tower Hamlets NHS Trust)

Mapping and Analysis of Parenting 
Services in England
The Parenting Fund 2006–2008
Couple Relationships
Family Trends

How Do You Know What You Do Works?
Is Parenting a Class Issue?
(Family and Parenting Institute)

The Foundations of Effective Outreach (Wordwright)

Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assessment
IEMA Environmental Impact Assessment Guide to: Shaping Quality Development
IEMA Environmental Impact Assessment Guide to: Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation (IEMA)

Issues and Ideas on Higher Education: Who benefits? Who pays? (Rt Hon. David Willetts, King’s College London)
The nature, scale and beneficiaries of research impact (HEFCE and King’s College London)
Researchfish: A forward look (The Policy Institute @ King’s College London)

Managing with Less: The 2015 spending review
Whitehall Monitor 2015: The Coalition in 163 charts
Whitehall Monitor 2017: The Civil Service as it faces Brexit
All Change: Why Britain is so prone to policy reinvention, and what can be done about it

Brexit and the European Court of Justice

Professionalising Whitehall (Institute for Government)

State of the Nation 2015: Social Mobility and Child Poverty in Great Britain (Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission, UK Government)

State of the Nation 2016: Social Mobility in Great Britain (Social Mobility Commission, UK Government)

Corporate/marketing materials
Henderson Bank annual report and accounts (How Graphic Design, for Henderson)
Reckitt Benckiser annual report and accounts and The Business shareholder summary (The Workroom)
Spotlight: RAND Europe (RAND Europe)

Carillion summary report
L’Oreal corporate sustainability report
Aviva employee magazine
Aviva corporate responsibility report
Ford corporate responsibility summary (Flag)

Annual Report and Accounts (National Osteoporosis Society)

Medical Research Council (MRC) Annual report and Accounts (Salterbaxter)

Policy Institute @ King’s brochure (King’s College London)

Training and assessment materials
Paediatric Index of Emotional Distress and manual
New Reynell Developmental Language Scales (NRDLS) manual and toolkit
Gaelic Phonological Screening Test 
(GL Assessment)

Modular Curriculum Development (assets and screen text; training presentation)
Academies Online (assets and screen text: training presentation)
National College for School Leadership: Case studies
National College for School Leadership: English planner and case studies
RAISEOnline primary and secondary course materials (Wordwright)

Managing with Environmental Sustainability and Working with Environmental Sustainability course materials
Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management course learner and trainer materials (IEMA)