Editorial consultancy can be useful if you want to publish content, and need advice on the methods and processes to do this in a practical and cost-effective way.

Author advice on writing and publishing
If you’re an author and:

  • thinking of self-publishing or approaching an agent or publisher
  • want to know more about how the production process works
  • need to soundboard your book idea or project and get professional advice

– I offer a confidential, one-to-one consultancy call to help you look at your concept and offer guidance.

For more information and to discuss your needs, contact me.

House styles
One way to make the course of publishing easier for everyone involved is to establish a house style. I can produce a document for you that outlines the presentation, styling and spelling to be applied to all your content.

House styles give clear instructions and guidance on the forms you prefer – and the ones you don’t – to everyone working on your content, whether in-house staff or external suppliers, such as freelance editors and proofreaders. I consult closely with you, discussing your needs and researching samples of your existing content, then produce a guide that is bespoke, practical and workable for you.

Consistency is key in publication, and a house style helps you to maintain it. The added value is that it’s a tool which can enhance your branding.

For more information and to discuss your needs, contact me.

Author guidelines
Giving authors the right information to produce a good manuscript is key to the publishing process. Guidelines often form part of the house style document, and can include your approach in terms of tone, content and the ‘dos and don’ts’ of writing. For example:

  • Should the text be lively and punchy, or formal and prescriptive?
  • Should they avoid the passive voice?
  • Who are your authors writing for – who is the audience?
  • How should they submit their copy?
  • Which electronic file formats should they use for text, tables, graphs and images?

Telling authors what you need right at the beginning of a project is a great way to ensure a hassle-free production process. These guidelines advise authors what to do, and how to do it.

For more information and to discuss your needs, contact me.